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Basically, it is quite the same as any messaging app out there.

Reach Massive Audiences In One Go

Do you already have a list of contacts over LINE App? We’re thrilled to announce that we are offering support for Line SMS blasting service around the world.. Our team enables you to deliver rich, interactive messaging experience on the world most popular messaging application.

Our company is indulging with highly experienced developers who gradually use programmable SMS to build incredibly ingenious messaging experience for you. With this, you can easily transfer the video, audio, images and text to anyone through the Line App.

We assist you timely in order to send the interactive messages as well as sharing video, audio and text messages files.

LINE Marketing with Bulk Sending

There are now more than 600 million registered LINE users Each month, there are more than 200 million active LINE users

Filter out LINE users & send

We Manage for you!

  • A bunch of database filter for LINE users & send
  • Send information link that can be click directly




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