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No guesswork. No duplicity. Just the bespoke solutions to meet your SEO requirements.

STARKITECH is an innovative and dynamic organisation that is result oriented when it comes to SEO objectives. We strive to enhance the visibility of websites among search engines and ensure sites are ranked highly and thereafter maintained in their best positions. Our strategies are unique in a sense that we only target and direct the most relevant and exclusive traffic to websites which naturally improve bottom lines.

We work with partners under complete transparency because based on our experiences it is the only way to achieve SEO objectives and your business targets along with it in a timely manner.

Our innovative concepts and ideas will be the edge that you possess over your online competitors!

Be Smart Go For Best SEO Services
Be on top Page of Google with Starkitech SEO in Malaysia. We are building spans in SEO strategies so as to associate the customer’s objective to the real world.Gradually developing strategies of SEO will possibly work when those are explicitly intended for your business specialty!

Our SEO services are not exclusively to rank your site in first page of Google yet additionally to create leads and transformations. With SEO, we help you with recommendations to improve the client experience of your site and increment conversions with investigation and information insight. We have high level of expertise for SEO services specially update of Google’s algorithms with high versatility.

We mainly focus on onsite and offsite Google marketing techniques improvement. We guarantee to give our customers the content engagement, which is significant and help in spreading on the online services, on a worldwide stage.


If you are not too certain about the direction that you are heading towards, let emails show you the way!

As opposed to popular belief about Emails and SMS marketing being old fashioned and ineffective, let us tell you that it is far from the actual truth. This is based on pure fact as instant messages and emails are personal and lead directly to the consumer. Billions of people use emails every day and the same numbers check instant messages almost as soon as they arrive! Statistics have revealed that 91 % of shoppers access their emails at least once a day and about 33% of consumers reportedly purchase items due to the influence of an SMS. ‘Truth be Told’ when it comes to SMS & Email Marketing, it will only work if it is done right!

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Bulk SMS Blasting Service:
We are Bulk SMS blasting service Provider in Malaysia offering services at the most reasonable rates. Also, as pioneer in giving Bulk SMS Transactional, Promotional and Marketing SMS benefits in Malaysia we guarantee you get up to 100% guaranteed conveyance of messages. As a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Malaysia, we have been conveying creative portable informing administrations crosswise over Malaysia. Our Bulk SMS package is stacked with all the features which are at present accessible in the business. You can’t find all features at a moderate value anyplace else.


This is how you will reach a million potential customers effectively and efficiently.

Whatsapp Marketing (filter active WhatsApp account) is a service that is used to achieve a higher Return on Marketing Investment due to its high level of cost-effectiveness, we also have provide Channels & install Whatsapp Blaster Software, Price Reasonable & Big Quantity.

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We’ve Been Focused on Online Marketing from Day One
Online marketing beats all the hindrances of separation and increment your reach to the clients. Clearly, efforts in online marketing don’t require tremendous investment and enables the organizations to save money, a viewpoint considered by organizations to the most.

Regardless of whether you are a beginning up, medium scale or bigger organization, we have the online marketing solutions for assist you with accomplishing more prominent heights. Our online help is accessible in various variations. Browse our accessible social media marketing plans immediately!


Grow your business every day with reaching millions of customers.

Used by more than 1.7 billion people globally, the business potentials offered by these services cannot be overlooked!

Both Line, Telegram & SMS marketing offer businesses effective and efficient platforms that allow them to connect with consumers everywhere directly. Similar to WhatsApp these applications also allow businesses to share chat, videos and even make calls with friends and despite the fact that the application is old, the advantages that it provides is numerous.We have created a special package that utilises Line & Telegram specifically to address your marketing needs, just gives us a call if you want to know more about this unique service that we have to offer!


The smart way to enhance your brand image and generate revenue via sales

Google Adwords has been also acknowledged by most marketing quarters as being the most effective method to enhance sales via paid advertisements. Google Ads premier is in the lead compared to other competitors such as Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads and others. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that Google Adwords allows advertisers to set a budget bracket on a daily basis for each marketing campaign that they initiate for their products and services.

The high level of flexibility offered by Google Ads premier that range from keyword selection (evaluate the strength of keywords for your campaigns) and campaign structures that incorporate features in the form of filters such as, area settings, and cell phone settings makes it an unbeatable marketing choice for businesses both big and small.

Promote Your Business Through Low Cost FaceBook Marketing
Is it accurate to say that you are struggling with Facebook marketing and publicizing?
Is it accurate to say that you are scanning for the best Facebook marketing expert to help win via social media or take your Facebook game to the high level?

There is no precluding that the social media marketing world has developed by a wide margin in the course of recent years. Today, Facebook marketing has become a fundamental tool for organizations looking to collaborate with their customers and set up their brands.

We have a facebook expert team that oversees and handle your end-to-end campaign on facebook and guarantee you the desired outcomes. We additionally share detailed report to give you great understanding how your general crusade performed.

Amplify your Gaming with Gaming Marketing
Casino marketing is one of a high-stakes game. While there’s a component of chance in any promoting undertaking, smart techniques of marketing stack huge chances for the house, for all intents and purposes ensuring high returns on your investment in casino marketing.

Starkitech is a top-notch company that can assist you with maximizing income from your betting business. We help you to improve awareness of your casino brand and income by producing top notch promotions. Throughout the years, we have made an imprint in the betting business by rendering the best administrations to our customers.

With our focused on betting web crawler advertising, your site can accomplish a higher position in the search results of internet. We will improve the online visibility of your betting site. Our broad research and keywords use can assist you with amplifying benefit for your business.


User Interface (UI) + User Experience (UX) = Creative & Innovative Designs.

How your customers feels when they interact with your business goes a long way when it comes to sales conversions! Based on surveys, internet users exit almost instantly the moment the website that they visit becomes cumbersome, complex or not so ‘user-friendly’. We understand this particular exceptionally well and it is the very reason that we urge our clients to ensure that their websites are not just attractive, but also user-friendly.

Allow our team of professional developers to create the most attractive, unique and user-friendly interface that ensures that your customers have a positive user experience.

Chose Marketing Software That Works For You
Get all the marketing software you need for online marketing. We guide all of you the way, yet you have the last say.

Get interesting marketing software for your business. You don’t need to be an advertising master to get effective with online marketing. Your Marketing Plan will manage all of you the best approach to progress and get you bits of knowledge, direction, and suggestions for how to succeed. We will even execute everything for you. It has never been simpler to design and prevail in web based promoting.

We are giving you the software that handles all your publicizing with Google and Facebook. We guide you through everything and ensure you get results.





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STARKITECH is a full-fledged marketing company that is dedicated towards achieving the business objectives of its clients. We offer customized marketing services that are tailored according to the criterion set by our clients which include the among others the objectives of their marketing campaign, the allocated budget, manpower and other limited resources which practically makes us your ‘Real Partner’. The simple truth behind this strategy of ours is that “if you do well, so do we”.

We have years of experience tucked up under our belts and up our sleeves when it comes to marketing. Having worked and achieved marketing success for both large reputable corporations and small unknown SMEs, we have managed to learn quite a few things that we have come to consider as our ‘trade secret’.

Some of our web designers have been rated as the best website designers in the region due to their ability to create unique and intelligent websites that are user-friendly and responsive. We have also been noted for being able to execute effective SEO crusades that deliver more than desirable results using inimitable strategies that are unique and objective.

  • Vision & Mission

    To be a global leader in the web development market from every single perspective.

  • Mission Statements

    1. To ensure that all our client’s websites are well balanced from all perspectives
    2. To optimize our customer’s webpage ranking
    3. To achieve success for our business partner’s marketing campaigns each time and every time!

  • Objective

    To transfer an enhanced version of your thoughts into a functional user-friendly website that is attached to the best SEO mechanics available in today’s market!

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